The federal government has assured Nigerians that the country will soon achieve total eradication of polio. The executive Director of National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) Dr Faisal Shuaib gave this assurance at the Expert Review Committee on polio and Routine immunization (ERC) in Abuja.

Dr Faisal said for over two years till date, the federal government has strongly put effective measures of surveillance in place to ensure vaccines are being given to children in remote areas to sustain routine eradication of polio. The Executive Director disclosed that government has employed trained health workers and mobile team to reach out to remotest areas with geographical barriers in order to make vaccines accessible to children as well as to guard against polio outbreak again in Nigeria.
“measures have been put in place to ensure mobile teams and ad-hoc workers break the issue of geographical barriers which would ensure the success of the program he said”.

According to Shuaib “polio eradication is moving in the right direction although it is faced with several challenges such as getting access to hard areas due to their geographical inclination, also parents not allowing their children receive the routine immunization”.
The E.D however called on mothers and care givers to collaborates with the government in releasing their children to take complete routine immunization vaccine .
Meanwhile, he commended the public acceptance received within the last few months while encouraging the public to improve on it.

With the nation being close to polio eradication and statistics indicating a 10 percent increase in routine immunization coverage, the E. D. maintained that the program must reach out to those areas which have little access to the immunization program, stressing that this would ensure no single child in Nigeria is paralyzed with the polio virus. The ERC meeting is being held with the view of sustaining the population against the wild polo virus.