LISDEL seeks partnership with NEMCHIC on RMNCAH+N

The Legislative Initiative for Sustainable Development (LISDEL) has approached National Emergency Maternal and Child Health Intervention Centre (NEMCHIC) to seek was of collaboration to promote best practices on RMNCAH + N in Nigeria.

In a meeting that held last week at the NEMCHIC work station, the leader of LISDEL team, Juliana Abude-Aribo disclosed that the organization was planning a high level conference/dialogue on RMNCAH+N in Nigeria, and therefore needed NEMCHIC’s guidance on areas of critical concerns and partnership with NPHCDA.

The NEMCHIC PM, Dr Laila Umar, who informed that the meeting held on the authority of the NPHCDA Executive Director, Dr Faisal Shuaib, stated that NEMCHIC was passionately interested in collaborating with partners to address the unacceptable high traffic of preventable deaths of women and children in Nigeria.

The PM welcome LISDEL, and guided the organization through the current situation of maternal and under-5 mortalities in Nigeria and the RMNCAH +N performances dashboard. Further collaborative discussions will be held between the organization and NEMCHIC with guidance from NPHCDA Executive Director.

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