Spain’s vaccine donation Goodwill Message

The Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency,

Dear colleagues, Ambassadors of European Union Member States

Dear UN colleagues

I would like to thank you, Mr Director, and to thank the Ambassador of Spain, for the opportunity to witness this ceremony marking the donation of 4 million 4 hundred doses of Johnson&Johnson vaccines, donated by Spain to Nigeria.

This is my third time here with you, Mr Director, since the beginning of this year after the 2 previous Team Europe Donations that were received respectively in February from Finland, Greece and Slovenia and in April from Italy. Which together with today’s donation make almost 10 million doses in 4 months.

This makes me particularly proud as a European and happy as a human being. Because I believe in solidarity and cooperation as the best way to overcome common challenges.

Today’s donation is a testament to solidarity, to the strong partnership between the European Union and its Member-States with Nigeria in the fight against Covid-19 Pandemic and to multilateralism.

These vaccines are in fact part of a global donation of now almost 30 million J&J doses from the Team Europe to Nigeria, through the COVAX facility.

The European Union remains committed to ensuring that everyone who needs vaccine gets it, anywhere in the world, and to promoting global health.

The donation of Covid-19 vaccines by Team Europe is a welcome and concrete way to increase the number of doses available to COVAX that are now needed to ensure that as many as people as possible can access vaccines immediately.

This is important as Covid-19 does not discriminate, which places places everyone at risk if surges in infection rates and emergence of new variants continue unabated.      

The action of the European Union against COVID-19 does not stop at its borders. In Nigeria, the EU and its Member States quickly mobilised, whilst being severely hit by the pandemic, to support Government’s efforts.

The European Union together with its Member-States is the biggest donor of COVID-19 vaccines in the world. To date, we have mobilised almost 40 billion euros, of which €8 billion for the African continent.

But we know that this is not enough and we are committed to do more.

Developing countries especially in Africa are still facing significant challenges due to shortages in supplies of vaccine and capacity constraints.

Solidarity, Coordination and cooperation among all stakeholders remain the only way to bridge these gaps.

Nigeria has been selected by the WHO as one of the six countries that will receive the technology needed to produce MRNA (EM AR EN EI – messenger ribonuclieic acid) vaccines.

From our side, we remain committed to contributing to this goal and to supporting Nigeria to get greater access to vaccines and to become a hub for local production and to continue to improve and strengthen its national health system.

The fight is not over.

I invite all Nigerians to get vaccinated and get their booster. This remains the only way to protect yourselves and protect the others.

Many thanks to the Spanish Government and the Spanish people for the solidarity with Nigeria and congratulations to Nigerian authorities, and in particular the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, on their leadership.

Thank you.

Muchas gracias!

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