UNICEF extends support for VCM transitioning to CHIPS Agents.

UNICEF extends support for VCM transitioning to CHIPS Agents.

ED/CEO, Dr. Faisal Shuaib, met with the UNICEF Chief of Health, Dr Eduardo Celades, and his team to discuss ongoing plans for VCM integration into the CHIPS Programme.


Dr. Eduardo, in his remarks, said the UNICEF team was at NPHCDA to discuss proposed areas of support to transform VCMs to CHIPS Agents. He noted that the efforts of NPHCDA can only yield desired results if development partners come around the table to provide technical and financial support to ensure sustainability of the CHIPS programme.

Appreciating the team for the visit, Dr. Shuaib said having UNICEF buy into the integration of community based structures into CHIPS, and being willing to provide all the needed support is commendable. He tasked the team with ensuring this support is provided in a sustainable manner, taking into account prevailing State contexts.

The ED assured the team of his determination to bring relevant government and partner organisations around the table to discuss and address all bottlenecks around the VCMs-CHIPS integration.

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