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Thank you for taking the time to visit this website. On behalf of the entire Management and staff of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, I would like to welcome you. At the agency, we are excited and proud of the work that we do. On this site, you will see some of the amazing things we are doing in the Primary Health Care space — around Immunization, reducing maternal and child deaths, strengthening PHC towards achieving Universal Health Coverage and improving human capital development. Also, you will find incredible stories of Nigerians — Public health servants going above and beyond every day to change our health outcome, to ensure basic health services are provided to people in the most remote areas. We are confident that with the passion and dedication of staff, we will bring the much needed changes. With polio eradication, we are excited about new frontiers. Enjoy your visit and do stay close.
Dr. Faisal Shuaib


What We Do

Control Preventable Diseases

Improve Access to Basic Health Services

Improve quality of care

Strengthen Institutions

Develop a High-Performing and Empowered Health Workforce

Strengthen Partnerships

Engage Communities

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