Does Nigeria have adequate storage capacity for COVID-19 vaccines?

Yes. The Federal Government through the National Primary Health Care Development Agency recently purchased three ultracold chain (UCC) equipment domiciled  at the National Strategic Cold Store. The UCC equipment are capable of storing up to 400,000 doses of mRNA vaccines at a temperature of -60 to -80 degree centigrade. The mRNA vaccines can be stored at +2 to +8 degree centigrade at the health facility level for 5 days. With the availability storage capacity for mRNA vaccines, Nigeria is ready to receive the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines. The NPHCDA  also has Walk in freezer rooms that can store vaccines at -25 to -15 degree centigrade.

For non-mRNA vaccines which require storage temperature of +2 to +8 degree centigrade, Nigeria through the routine immunization delivery system already has enough storage capacity at the national, zonal, state, LGA, ward and health facility levels. Health Facilities have Solar  Cold Chain Equipment  to ensure that the potency of the vaccine is maintained.