Were safety procedures and standards not compromised to develop and produce COVID-19 vaccine in less than one year, when it took 5-10 years or more to develop and produce other well known, safe and efficacious childhood vaccines and others like yellow fever and polio vaccines?

Researchers at Oxford University had constructed ChAdOx1 – or Chimpanzee Adenovirus Oxford One and used it as the building block for vaccine against almost any disease. Before COVID-19, over three hundred people had been given ChAdOx1 based-vaccines for diseases ranging from flu to Zika virus, and prostate cancer to the tropical disease chikungunya. The ChAdOx1 is modified to contain the genetic blueprints for whatever you want to train the immune system to attack. ChAdOx1 is in essentially a sophisticated, microscopic postman, and scientists then change the package, such as COVID-19 spike proteins to be delivered by the ChAdOx1 postman.